Cheyenne has multiple places with a great hamburger. The best is at 2 Doors Down. If you work downtown it’s close for lunch (118 East 17th St), and they really are pretty darn good. Our readers have already settled that best burger question before in Cheyenne.

When I first heard of them I couldn’t get passed how good any place could be with a name like that. After giving them a try, though, I now know it looks nothing like how I imagined a joint called 2 Doors Down.

I know that's highly snobby, and after finally wondering if the name had a story behind it, I did hear about their original Pizzeria Venti. It was - go figure - 2 doors down.

So I still characterize. One thing I’m not is Yelp. You know where people review so overwhelmingly good or bad. Seems there’s no middle ground when a customer’s experience was so great, or awful, that they just have to rave, or rant.

Actually, I try not to eat burgers often – and only restaurant quality ones – so that’s another reason it took me awhile to get around to 2 Doors Down. Honestly, I finally tried them only did after people had me starting to wonder if my life really was missing something. That’s how good the word of mouth is, and usually you can trust that.

It was confirmed from my first 2 Doors Down burger – not over or under cooked with a not stiff, stale bun. How is that so hard to find? I mean it’s a hamburger. It’s nice when some place does not find a way to mess that up.

I’ve gotten back in two more times to make sure this wasn’t a fluke, though I will mention that while their fries are also great, they're just too salty for me. Of course, usually everywhere else I find a good burger, their fries are too salty as well.

In short, now I hope 2 Doors Down never changes their name, but if they do, I’d say, "Don’t change anything else.”