At Frontier Park, we see them in special work attire – if only a t-shirt with, “Cheyenne Frontier Days Staff”, “Security”, or just “Volunteer.” But every year, we would not have a "Daddy of 'em all" without them.

A world apart from the CFD Volunteer, there’s a website just for the working carnival world. It includes some self-deprecating carnie humor, “We’re not millionaires, eating cheap or free - connected to vendors in sort of a junk-food Cosa Nostra.” The "carnie" stereotype is not at all a volunteer at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

While there is a carnival at CFD, it’s a small percentage of this whole celebration of the West. Being held once a year, the workers here do not live midway to midway. Most live right here in Wyoming, if not Cheyenne itself. We call them “volunteers” and we say it with respect. They are all the different forms of security, parking policing, escorting entertainers to their dressing rooms and answering hundreds of questions from visitors who came from all over the world. They do it politely and usually with a smile.

They “volunteer” out of love for this community and we love them – all 2900 of them. We salute them and appreciate all they do.

Find out how you can help the CFD Volunteer Crisis Fund here.