If you have a friend that has visited Cheyenne from out of state and you say,
"Here's ______" and they look at you with a bewildered look, these are the places that only local Cheyenne residents would know.


1.  The "HOLE" - You know the place...this is home of the new Children's Museum that will soon occupy that lonely spot downtown.

2. "The Depot Plaza" - The place downtown where on Friday nights we have concerts, Brewfest and many other summer activities along with the New Year ball drop.

3. "Vedawoo" -  Not Veda-Woo, but Veda-VOO.

4. "The Greenway" - The path that winds around over on Dell Range where you can walk and ride your bike.

5. "The Viaduct" - We have also heard this called the South Greeley bridge that goes over the Union Pacific yard.

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