If you’re single at Valentines, don’t even look at things like a list of the most beautiful towns in Wyoming. (Even naming 10, that had to be a tough call.) Vacationidea.com’s most romantic Wyoming vacations is a list of a whole 23. You get the picture. Wyoming has many pretty pictures, but forget that.

I'm just saying you can do romantic anytime. And if you have a Valentine, you don’t need ideas from me. If you’re single, however, here is what I can offer you.

A list of 5 things not to let anyone make you think, or feel, about V-Day:

1.        Do not feel pressured to suddenly find a relationship if you don’t have a date for February 14. In fact, askmen found 9 0ut of 10 feel that pressure. I just ask why. If it isn’t God’s will, maybe it will be next year.

2.        It could happen well before next February, and you won’t be in that boat again, looking for a date that late. 53 percent say a first date on Valentine’s Day is not even a good idea. I don’t know who judges that. Maybe there’s a nice exception, as if it was some kind of rule. Only God knows.

3.        Never let anything make you think you’re not worthy of romance. Maybe, just maybe, you just haven’t found anyone worthy of you – yet. Wait for worthy. If you don’t wait, you aren’t getting the really worthy.

4.        I don’t like to say I’m a drinking man, but in 2009, a five month relationship blew up on the first week of February. The next week I got a very warm fuzzy feeling from Grey Goose. And the tab still wasn’t as much as dinner and a gift can cost. If you don’t drink, never mind. That was just an idea.

5.        To further avoid any other’s unwanted opinions about how you should think or feel about Valentine’s Day, go hunting or something, because remember that, for you, the 14th is just another day.

There's always "Countdown to Valentine's Day" and one Hallmark movie is set in Wyo.