Here are several stories of fallen military men we have honored for Memorial Day. These Wyoming War Heroes each did something special and unique for our state and country. For any or all of their awesome stories, just click on the name. We're grateful for them every one.

In reverse order of when each was posted, starting with most recent:

From Casper, WY Marine Scout/Sniper Paul R Baxley – 2 Purple Hearts (WWII)

From Cheyenne, WY Army Brig. Gen. Charles Duval Roberts - Medal of Honor, Croix de Guerre (Spanish Amer War, WWI)

From Afton, WY Lieutenant Colonel Joseph L Hart (Vietnam)

From Casper, WY Army Private First Class Leroy Robert Cardenas (Vietnam)

From Laramie, WY Army SSgt James F Barnes (Vietnam)

From Cheyenne, WY Navy Vice Admiral Francis X McInerney – Bronze Star, Navy Cross & Silver Star (WWII) and see "USS McInerney"

From Buffalo, WY Lieutenant Cmdr. William E Eder – Navy Cross, Ace Pilot (WWII)

From Cheyenne, WY Army Lieutenant Vernon J Baker – Medal of Honor (WWII, Korea)

From Casper, WY Army Aviation Major William E Adams – Medal of Honor (Vietnam)

From Cheyenne, WY Army Technical Sergeant Charles F Carey, Junior – Medal of Honor, 2 Bronze Stars (WWII)