In Kansas City, four veteran friends saw homeless veterans falling through the cracks and came up with the idea of providing tiny homes for homeless veterans. They got some land, and with crowd funding $20 - $30 at a time on Facebook and with volunteer help, the project got off the ground and the idea is spreading. Homes for homeless veterans funds raised privately, with each costing about $10,000. Would it work here in Wyoming?

Across the country, many towns are investing in tiny homes for veterans that may not be in some of the systems already in place. Some feel more comfortable living in alleys, a car or under tarps in fields and woods. No one should have to live that way.

Innovation Trail via YouTube

These tiny home communities can provide dignity, a transitional home and maybe a garden, community center, support services, laundry facility, counseling, community and transitional housing services for veterans.

Innovation Trail via YouTube

On any given night, there are 50,000  homeless veterans in America. 23% of Wyoming homeless are veterans. Some who answered the call of our country have experienced tragic consequences for us, all deserve our gratitude and assistance. Do you think the tiny village community would work here?


There are many programs and services available to veterans, The National Coalition For Homeless Veterans is a good start. Cheyenne VA Medical Center also helps homeless Vets.