Someone should be in jail and be banished from any future games

To let someone go into a porta-potty and then kick it over is the worst kind of behavior. The fan could have been hurt badly and exposed to God knows what kind of filth and disease. What if he or she had a little kid waiting for them? Who brings a change of clothes to a football game. What if it were your mother, father or kid?

And then there’s the “Bronco Fan” who posted the video. Did they help the victim? No they laughed and made smart comments. Classy, very classy. I hope you’re proud, and your mama too. That goes for the others around as well.

This is certainly not the kind of reputation that any city needs. I don’t think even Raiders fans would be this ugly. Of course, there have been fans stabbed before, maybe that’s next for Denver. Rick Roddam brought up the old south stands at Mile High stadium where he saw some “fans” taunting a 10 year old girl shouting “slut” and “whore” while she was with her father in opposing team colors.

“Do unto others…” pretty much covers this, but I would love to see this person do some time, with others that would pick on them in the way only other prisoners would do. But that’s my cruel streak showing. But I’m angry. Someone should pay.

Supporting your team is a good thing, when common sense is used. And who doesn’t support The Denver Broncos, especially in this winning season and going into Super Bowl 50? We can do better.

Busting chops and talking smack is supposed to be all in good fun, but this video is an example of the worst kind of “fan.” This is just stupid, rude, cruel and dangerous behavior. Someone should be off to jail and be banished from any future games. This is bullying gone way too far.