Just passing 60 days and counting to August 21, no doubt you've thought about some of the best Casper places to watch the eclipse. Those who live in Casper may plan to just be at their own homes that day at 11:43 a.m.

And according to eclipsecasper.com, "For most residents, that perfect place might just be your back yard or front porch." Other choices are listed on this page, including:

“Solabration on the Circle” on 1st Street

A number of different churches in town

The grounds of CasperEventsCenter

Central Wyoming Fairgrounds.

“Rock the Rooftop” at WyomingMedicalCenter

The list continues at eclipsecasper.com, which you may find a wonderful site for any other questions you hadn’t come up with until now. It looks as if they’ve already thought of everything.

Travel site Thrillist.com has a nice article about many other cities on the eclipse line from Oregon to South Carolina. They seemed to agree Casper, Wyoming is one the true best. (We call it Eclipse National Headquarters.) Thrillist said,

“The Astronomical League is holding its annual convention in Casper just before the eclipse, so there will be plenty of people around to explain everything in painstaking detail.”

If it's that "painstaking" it will likely be on YouTube to watch later, or not. After all, we can say we saw the real thing.