Cheyenne was on a short list to land a new manufacturing plant.

Instead, J.M. Smucker Co. goes to Longmont, Colorado, which will get a $340 million plant.

To produce their pb&j sandwiches with no crust - Uncrustables - Smuckers needs 500 people. Those jobs would have been great, but Cheyenne just doesn’t have enough people to fill the openings.

There just wasn't enough people to make the factory stick. Randy Burns, president of Cheyenne LEADS, aid our workforce just couldn't sustain the factory.

Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr told the local newspaper she was upset that the company didn't choose the city too.

For now it looks like Weld County will get all those "tasty" frozen sandwiches.

Could some have been scared of how big this could have been? That question is not at all meant to make fun of a small town - a problem for Smuckers. It's just meant to say how big it would have been.