Travel site Expedia has released their 2018 Wellness Report. The site has decided that instead of healthiest cities to live, there should be a list of healthiest cities for travel, and Cheyenne is on that list.

Expedia cited Cheyenne for "32.8 yoga studios, gyms and pools per 100,000 people" in the smallest town on their list. And about green spaces, how about The Greenway? Remember, you live in a city with a 37 mile path going in and out of its parks and neighborhoods. Expedia gave that a whole 5 stars in green space. Truly, the Greenway is a feature of today that may make the City of Cheyenne the most proud.

Our worst category, food (getting only 3 stars), kept us out of scoring in the 20s, but a special mention was given to "'The Wellness Shot' at Rubyjuice" (113 E 17th Street). You know, I’ve been meaning to try one of those shots of "lemon, lime, celery, ginger and cayenne." Maybe I'll do that shot on a day after the previous night's other shots.

In five different categories, each were rated 0-5. 25 the highest possible score, but the actual highest was 23. Of 15 cities, 4 rated 23: Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, Seattle and Salt Lake City. The lowest total of 19 was shared by Lincoln, NE and Cheyenne. See all 15 here.

We're honored, and maybe a little bit surprised that if there is a list with one place in Wyoming to travel, it's Cheyenne and not Jackson.