Driving in Cheyenne has a few bad, good, and its not so bad moments. We have some places that are annoying, but at least this isn’t Denver. (There, my friend, is really bad.)

For a list of places I consider mildly annoying to drive, here’s an unranked 5:

1.    The neighborhood streets that connect to northbound Warren through the Avenues each form a sort of side hump to go over. You don’t see it very pronounced in the above photo, but a crown in the middle makes both lanes go down to the sides, until a raised side street. Those humps don’t really slow us down, since the speed limit is already fairly slow. Can we smooth this out?

2.    One word: Roundabout. Pershing at Converse is just stressful because you have to be alert for when there’s no one coming - and then stick your foot in it - or there will be someone coming. Roll with it and the roundabout is fairly efficient. But many people avoid it altogether.

3.    Waiting for any left turn off of Dell Range Blvd, traffic just keeps coming, especially on weekends, or weekday "rush hours." Actually, Cheyenne doesn’t really have rush hours. It’s more like a rush half-hour.

4.    Southbound Central around the Capitol, when will the construction be done? Removing that chain link fence will give us back the whole street. Get it done already money spenders.

5.    Single lane stretches of College Drive, only when behind a real slow driver. I’ve learned to not let things raise my blood pressure anymore.


6. Fifth Street at Deming – There is always a crash here – especially on icy days.

7. The South Greely Highway underpass and intersection near Fox Farm. If it isn’t construction, it’s a fender bender.

You can add to the list. If you have another annoying spot, let us know.