July 4th maybe we were celebrating Independence Day and missed the first event for Cheyenne’s 150th birthday. Held at Romero South Cheyenne Community Park, the site was chosen for being near the banks of Crow Creek, where General Grenville Dodge gave this town its name July 4, 1867.

I often say I'm not a journalist. We do have some of those here, but we all post cool stuff about a city and state that we love. Well, I'll tell you where you can find real journalists.

Last Wednesday, July 5th, wyomingnews.com posted on this first 150 celebration. It was attended by many of Cheyenne’s leaders of today, and leaders of our not too distant past. Now, if that sounds like a bunch of boring speeches, reporter Sarah Zoellick made it seem as if it was anything but boring. I read all of her highlights with many great lines from some of Cheyenne’s favorite personalities. I did not get a sense that I’d have felt like I was there for five hours. Since I was not there, I really appreciated her great review, and I thought you might as well.

More events are planned for early August. The city’s incorporation was actually Aug. 8, 1867. More info is on Cheyenne 150 Facebook.

The full wyomingnews story is here.

That included some pretty sweet stories that residents told Zoellick. They are folks who’ve been here for a long time, because they also love Cheyenne, Wyoming.