Just on our websites alone the topic of ghosts time and time again. The most recent one is about racist ghosts. There are supposedly ghosts all over the Cowboy State, but do you believe in ghosts?

We have ghosts from Depot Plaza to Warren A.F.B. and all over Cheyenne.

We actually have haunted schools like Natrona County High among other high schools. We can even name Wyoming’s most haunted town with 31 apparitions - that's Gillette. Wyoming has had a total of 170 such reports, says website Ghosts of America. Okay, should I just stop right there and get to the real question. Do you believe in ghosts?

The only one I believe in is sometimes called the Holy Ghost, but that is an altogether different being, who I believe to be far higher than any kind of paranormal activity that some people chase. But hey, that’s just my belief. But what do you think?