Scott LeTourneau, Townsquare Media

Not to get our hopes up too high, but could it be that Cheyenne’s empty Hynds Building just may once again shine in Downtown Cheyenne?

Since last August, the developer, along with investors, Cheyenne LEADS and Chamber of Commerce have been trying to turn the building into professional offices.

Developer David Hatch says that unreleased names of tenants in Cheyenne already look forward to moving into a renovated building. With the council’s newest approval of projects, that sounds like tenants could become reality.

As of February 27th, we have a resolution. Though only a council resolution, it does include the city contributing up to $750,000 to build a parking facility. Approved in August, that would fill the opening next door - “the hole.” A historic building was there until consumed by a late 2004 fire.

For a long time now, much of downtown has felt empty. Dale Steenbergen, president of the Cheyenne chamber, seems very interested in the future of the 42,000 square feet. It seems that at least something is likely to happen. Investors have already given $14 million to the Hynds.

Redeveloping the Hynds, the old Police Department building, and more has been on the council agenda for some time.

All of Cheyenne is cheering on the rebirth the old grand hub, as is all of downtown.