Caught a glimpse co-worker Grateful Mike with what I thought was a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Wait, he doesn't smoke, but I was more alarmed that it was a candy cig!

I didn't even know they still made those!  Didn't they ban candy cigarettes when they put the kibosh on cigarette ads, and came out with all of those campaigns against smoking, especially among kids?  Even though I was a little surprised that they still made candy cigarettes, it did make me think of the candy of my youth, and wondered if they still made them.

I remember they used to sell these little waxed coke bottles that were actually filled with coke, or some other sort of liquid!  You'd just bite off the end of the coke bottle, drink the fluid inside, and then you were supposed to chew on the wax which was supposed to taste like coke-a-cola, but it really just tasted like wax, blah!

I also remember these "sweet-tart suckers," which basically a thick sweet tart about the size of a quarter that was on a stick!  I loved those!  I also loved the "Jolly Rancher's Candy Sticks," which was like the little Jolly Rancher's only they were long and thin, about the size of a comb, and they came in all of those Jolly Rancher's flavors like Watermelon and Apple, my favorite was the "Fire Stick."

One candy from "back in the day" that they still make to day is the "Big Hunk Candy Bar!"  It was was a white, chewy taffy-like bar that describes  as "honey sweetened nougat with peanuts."  We use to take ours home and freeze them, and then you could bang it on the counter and it would break into pieces, it was awesome, still is!

What was your favorite candy from your childhood, and do they still make it today?