Wyoming has history, but do you also like other eras? Did a tv show or movie get you hooked? Did that spread to all history? Cheyenne Central Drama students studied World War II to perform "The Survivor."

For high school drama students, portraying Polish Jews for three upcoming shows, got the young actors studying the “Ghettos” of Warsaw. “The Survivor” is based on the memoirs of one man. (See performance info below.)

Drama teacher Wende Wolfe-Perez believes students understand what happened to Jews in Nazi ghettos and how their emotions must have been affected. From that, even the stage is set with impressive touches of historical and cultural detail.

As a kid in school I had no interest in history, but like most little boys I glamorized the war where we beat those stinking Nazi's. Other than that, I didn't care, until my education ended, and in 1989, I watched every episode of the Ken Burns series, "The Civil War." Suddenly I didn't so glamorize war anymore, and I just became a history student. I was wishing I'd discovered this fascination sooner so I could have gotten straight A+ grades. I started filling my black holes of limited knowledge in other times and places in history.

To me, history became pure theater. I forgot fiction. I wanted to know just true history. For me, it's the best drama. I really hated when it seemed overnight - years ago - The History Channel was taken over by reality shows of every kind but ... History! Oh well. Those of us who love knowing what happened in the past are still out here.

Showtimes for "The Survivor" will be at 7p.m. on March 2, 3 and 4, with doors open at 6:30, and the shows start at 7, at Cheyenne’s Central High, 5500 Education Drive. For students, seniors, and military, admission is $7 and for adults $10.