This past winter Wyoming saw much more than our average 70 percent of the annual surface water that comes from snow. Just when it’s time for run-off, like they say, “When it rains, it pours.”

The National Weather Service said April precipitation was 150-160 percent of average. Reservoirs across Wyoming remained above average at 125-135 percent for May. It's a good thing it still had not even started really raining - yet.

In Wyoming 2.3 million acre feet of water per year are used for irrigated agriculture. In Northwestern parts of the Cowboy State, pumps were already turned off last week in the farming areas. Receding is not expected to begin until after this Monday.

Wind River levels just broke records(on 6/8/2017) set six years ago, and Freemont County authorities ask residents not to drive into areas where roads are under water.

Stay patient, be glad we’ve survived flooding before, and will again, and just know this summer drought is not likely to be a problem in Wyoming.