Sportscenter just explained why Wyoming's Josh Allen deserves to be on the national "radar" of college football. They made one comparison I had not heard, "He's like Ben Rothlesberger before he put on a couple of pounds in the NFL." Wow, I think Josh should take that as a serious compliment.

I'm sure Allen takes it as a compliment that he was just named to the Manning Award Preseason Watch List. That means The Cowboy's leader is one of the nation's 30 elite quarterbacks.

If you’re like me, you've recently wondered how they can already project Josh #1 pick. (Don't get me wrong, I sure hope he will be.) Now, seeing a watch list of many other good quarterbacks out there, we could ask if Josh is really the best. I knew that #1 pick was just a projection and we still have a whole season to see if that is still the projection come December.

Lately, it has become more clear to me that there really are only a few quarterbacks that are that good and Josh Allen is one of them. The Josh at UCLA, Josh Rosen, is said to be more well rounded, and our Josh needs to be more well rounded, but the Josh with more raw talent is named Allen. And that is what the NFL will draft.

That's just for those who don’t know all the inner workings, like me. I thought, “Wel,l all those other big college towns have fans thinking their own QB could go #1.“ Well, some others may hope, but now I know the real deal is in Laramie, Wyoming.

Go get 'em, Josh, and GO POKES!