It's not just that this list of country singers over 50 over serves as a reminder that it is definitely possible to stay sexy past a certain age. It's that these 11 artists haven't been around long enough to possibly be 50 years old ... right?

Kenny Chesney (50 in March 2018) was just singing about sexy tractors and Shania Twain was just dissing Brad Pitt, wasn't she? Listen, no one is going to try to claim George Strait is 35 or Dolly Parton hasn't been singing since the '70s. But Martina McBride?

As it turns out, we're all getting old together. Listen, if you were born after the year 2000 and are surprised that all of these country artists aren't 60 years old, just keep it to yourself or whisper it quietly so no one hears you. The old people need a moment to say, "Tim McGrawReally?" It almost feels like a betrayal, especially since he makes 50 look so dang good.

Keith Urban turns 50 on Oct. 26, and Gary Allan is on the cusp of turning 50 (December 2017) — his time is coming soon enough. All of these artists prove age is just a number, as all are still at the top of their profession. They set the bar high for singers like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, who are just north of 40. Millennials will know how the Gen-X crowd feels in about 10 years.

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