This week the Cheyenne Fight The Blight Crew held their first meeting. We don't know specifically what they discussed to address abandoned commercial and residential buildings, but it was only one meeting, so it gets a B+.

We did hear a schedule was discussed for future meetings to address the problem. Yes, that’s what we're counting on.

No members of the public showed up for that meeting, but they agreed that future meetings will be open to the public. I say please let in the public if they have ideas. Meetings will now happen every first and third Tuesday of each month, as of Feb. 21, gathering at 9am at the Cheyenne Municipal Building. Oh man, now that is progress. It’s a plan for, uh, plans.

Our new chief building inspector, spoke about his previous work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and how they fought blight. Oh good, this was sounding like a D- until now.

Good job, Mayor Orr. It sounds like you picked some good people. We should also thank all of them for what is volunteer service.

Now a few ideas for Cheyenne's new Fight the Blight:

1. Get that couple from “Flippin’ Cheyenne” on it.

2. Don't just throw money at it. Depot Fountain may attract people to downtown, and may just attract people to pee.

3. Maybe Jim “Hacksaw” Duggin can cruise some bad hoods now and then.