Gifts for Mother's Day can be a big deal for mom on her special day and have been forever. However, trends have changed, through the years, and so have mom's taste.

Here is a list of what your mother may have wanted back in the year 1970. I hope for Mother's Day, you didn't go too "retro" this year. What mom might have dug back in they day, probably won't work today.


  • 1

    A Photo of Tom Selleck

    From Charlie's Angels to The Rockford Files and even The Young and the Restless, Selleck was a big heartthrob back in the 1970's. Mom would have loved to have a photo of him.

    Hulton Archive, Getty Images
  • 2

    Stacked Heels

    Not only would mom be comfortable in these bad boys, but also in style. You'd be her number one kiddo if she opened a box of these on Mother's Day!

    Hulton Archive, Getty Images
  • 3

    Hand Made Bag

    "Hand Made" was the rave back in the day. If someone made mom a crochet handbag, it would be a great gift for Mother's Day.

    Anthony Harvey, Getty Images
  • 4

    Earthware Set

    Earthware was a great and durable plate set to get mom back in the 1970's. It went well with the popular greens, browns and oranges. Do you remember the crushed velvet yellow couches or the shag green carpets?

    Chaloner Woods, Getty Images
  • 5

    A New Housecoat

    When you can't think of anything else to buy, a new housecoat would always catch her off guard. Nothing like a new, comfy housecoat for mom on Mother's Day.

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