Those with furry children understand


There is a hole in our world.

Our furry kid has not been home for days.

Grey skies and rain shroud our lives that now consist of minor chords

He is / was a bright light in our home, and there’s the rub….

Which preposition do we use.

Knowing the power of the spoken word, one could give the wrong energy to a situation.

You stay hopeful and say to yourself “He’ll be back.”

You couldn’t keep him indoors, it would kill his spirit.

Cooper Townsquare Meda


He is a descendant of great and powerful hunters.

He is the result of millions of years of evolution with skills for survival and stealth.

But it is the last 100 years that has changed the dangers inherent in the modern world.

There is pain in his absence, pain in the wondering if he is gone or just trapped somewhere.


Keep your hopes up, pray, have faith….


Still his beautiful face does not appear at our back door with a look of “Hey guys, I’m home!”

Cooper, Townsquare Media

There is a hole in the world for Teri and me, and it hurts. I'm betting many reading this can relate to the heartbreak.


Get your butt home Finster. Come home, your hoomans miss you.

Cooper, Townsquare Media


Finster came into our lives via the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Niki Rose from there will be joining me this Monday morning on KINGfm. She will tell you how you can find love there and how you can help them if you would be so kind. It could be the best thing you do this year and years to come.