April 13th is Make Lunch Count Day in Wyoming. According to a recent national study commissioned by TGI Fridays, the majority of workers suffer from “FOLO,” aka “Fear of Lunching Out.”

That’s funny, I’ve never heard of FOLO, have you? And we can only guess it’s a day to conquer that fear. If we asked TGI Fridays where they have a location in the entire Cowboy State, you think they'd say, "Oh, Wyoming, okay never mind." Anyway it's a good thing we have great alternatives. Also, we don’t have to be away from our desktops for a whole hour. Make it a baby step half hour to start.

Many workers eat lunch at their desk at least twice a week (73 Percent) and one-third have lunch at their desk every workday.

Wow, it sounds like a real phobia, and honestly, I think I have it, myself. Dear God, I have FOLO! Help me! Eating out at lunch just adds an hour to my workday as well.

Maybe we think it’s just something you don’t have time to do, but National Make Lunch Count Day reminds us eating at the desk isn’t good for us. Getting rid of FOLO, however, increases worker creativity and productivity.

Good luck.