No NFL player knelt on Veterans Day Weekend, outside of San Francisco, where three did take a knee.

Last week, Wyoming’s Ned LeDoux said, “You won’t see that at a rodeo in Wyoming.” Do you think he's right? I do. I really hope he's right.

The objectively wrote, “Other players who previously knelt or raised fists during the Star Spangled Banner stood this week.” Meanwhile focused on the kneeling three. Do they bother you? They disgust me.

I try to have tolerance, even for this form of protest, knowing there is inequality and social injustice in our country. I just have too much reverence for our veterans who served for their right to protest. I’m amazed at vet's understanding, even sympathy for, players who don’t stand for the flag. There are, however, an awful lot of vets who speak out against those NFL players. The Colorado WWII vet who the Denver Broncos wanted to honor flatly turned down that invite.

For “role model” players who make millions and talk about inequality, it just seems a bit askew. There's irony in the fact that if they were to get a non-celebrity job, talk of inequality might be easier to buy. I also understand that if they weren’t in the NFL no one would listen. Call it a big fat Catch -22. In fact that’s a perfect military term that now applies to the NFL. Reports conflict on whether or not there’s been talk of rule change. Either way, there’s still no change.

I don't see why there aren't already a number of creative other options on the table, if players, owners and Commish Goodell would all try to agree on a better way to do this than during our song about The Star Spangled Flag. To those who claim it's not about the flag, I say, "Then don't do it - not at exactly the time that is about the flag."

It's time for the players and the league to come together and come up with a solution that helps their cause without disrespecting the flag and degrading the NFL. Stop this, and get it together now, both of you.

I'm grateful a really good effort was made around the NFL to honor our veterans, and late in the day these three failed to see what was important. Forty Niner Eric Read told The Guardian his actions are “not against the military.” I say yes they most certainly are. Sorry, Eric, but it's like a child saying, "I didn't do it," when you did it at the worst time. These actions were against our military.