Just because it's spring, does anyone need a break from Wyoming? Well, it is always great to get out in Wyoming - especially in spring. Here are 5 great ways to do that.

1. Bike through Yellowstone. It’s a different way to see the park, pending late March snow/removal, when room rates may be more affordable. (For that see more Cowboy State vacations here.)

2. Black Bear HuntingThat's if you follow this pdf file of rules from Wyoming Game and Fish (last updated June 2016).  In fact, see 8 different Wyoming animals to hunt in the Spring. This newsmax article can help reference how all the laws breakdown (as of March 2015). Whether or not you want to hunt black bear, or mountain lion, is up to you. I'm pretty sure I’m not that good.

3. Take a Bath. The World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs are in Thermopolis, WY. The turquoise and green, mineral-laden spring gushes 3.6 million gallons of water every day. Containing at least 27 different minerals, some say it’s very healthy to drink (but for this site, drinking it is not a recommendation.) Hot Springs State Park, at the edge of town, has three pools, with three different services. Check out the 104-degree therapeutic pool at the State Bath House. It’s free with only a nominal rental charge for towels and suits. The Bath House is closed on winter holidays, but you may find it interesting that many swimming areas in Yellowstone, like Boiling River, and The Firehole, are closed during the spring when the rivers rise - often not open again until fall.

4. One word: Jackson! From The Snow King Resort to the Rawhide Motel, Tripadvisor has 10 best deals, meaning there are good deals for Jackson.

5. Paleontology Galore. Most of us love our own Wyoming history. And most of us – where ever we are - are not far from some type of Cowboy State museum of history, but how about Paleontology? One of the richest fossil records in the nation is our formerly underwater Wyoming. The Dinosaur Center is also in Thermopolis. That’s “diorama” to many kids. See dinosaurs buried in the ground, and/or join one of their “Dig for a Day” programs. Try Green River Formation at Fossil Butte National Monument, or just click here for an impressive list of paleo locations from Glenrock to Casper and Cheyenne. Honestly, you may have had no idea they’re all here.

6. Was that supposed to be list of 5 Wyo Spring Breaks? There has to be one more, in case you have a hot date. Click here for a long list of romantic places to spend a few days. You may not be able to experience all they have to offer, but you will get out of the room a little.