On the list of the 25 wealthiest states from TheStreet.com, Wyoming ranks 17th. Knowing we have the least people in America, does this come as a surprise? I mean most of us know that Cheyenne was once one of the wealthiest cities in the world, but that was the 1880s, and sure isn't the case now.

Among key criteria to be a wealthier state is median income. Thestreet.com calls income discrepancy, “a big deal.” The National median income figure per year is $56,516. For the Cowboy State, income is $58,840.

And who would guess the state that is second least in population has a median income of $72,515, and holds the second wealthiest honor, would be Alaska? Maryland is the wealthiest of all states.

Congratulations to Colorado for their rank at #14 wealthiest. Utah is #13. (That must be about their gold exports.)

This 2011 blurb from businessclimate.com summarizes why Wyoming is favorable for business. Wyoming includes no personal or corporate income taxes, no state debt, and low regulation.

See thestreet’s rank of all 25 wealthy here.