For any city planning a downtown comeback – taking a look at other city’s success can offer perspective. One thing that’s worked is turning one way streets back two way.

Revitalization expert John Karras gives “12 strategies that can transform your city’s downtown,” and strategy number one is about one way streets, “They're great if the goal is just getting traffic through town, but they are bad for pedestrian activity and retail opportunities.” John links to examples including Charleston, SC. In fact, Clemson Universtity backed up John on what turned around downtown Charleston.

Long ago streets were turned one way to move more traffic, but downtowns died across America. Recovery didn’t emerge until the 1990s. The Clemson report is that two-way streets brought back sidewalk traffic and business access.

In 1956, Charleston’s major historic King Street was made one-way (as a speedier artery). It hurt the corridor, but when converted back to two-way traffic in 1994, the area returned to the hub it once was.

Our poll asked if Cheyenne could also get the same new interest in commercial buildings, and more pedestrian traffic, do you think we should re-visit two-way streets downtown? Here are the results. Clearly some still oppose the idea, but more seem open to trying it.

 No, especially not on Warren and Central. 31.75 Percent   

 I'm conditioned to one way. I don't want to mess up out of habit. ... 17.46 Percent   

Yes, break habits if it makes downtown a better place. … 50.79 Percent