California and Colorado are two states that have legalized marijuana for medical use.

Wyoming's neighbor, Colorado, has seen a lot of money come into the state due to the legalization of marijuana to be used as a strong pain killer. So much money that other states are considering marijuana legalization to simply boost a weak economy.

A walk down the streets in Ft. Collins and Boulder will take you past many stores selling marijuana and accessories for its use. On April 20, 2011, the unoffical marijuna use holiday, videos of crowds with hazy smoke above them appeared on the internet. We posted one such video here, too.

Are there really that many people with so much pain they need the medicine, or is it being really used recreationally?

That is only part of the controversy. Some people say marijuana has no more health risks than smoking or drinking alcohol. Others say it affects a person's abilty to think rationally.

The controversy is on-going in Wyoming. Discussions on the internet have ranged from some saying it makes people doped up where they can't function and only want to sit at home stoned, to it's all natural and compared to cigarettes, it is healthier.

Some say Wyoming should not even consider it because the taxes Wyoming recieves off fossil fues keeps our economy strong and others say too many Wyoming people are going to Colorado and spending their money there.

What do you think? Should Wyoming legalize marijuana? Why or why not?