We’ve well documented the supply and demand for places to stay on Eclipse Festival Weekend. For those who don’t live in Casper, it’s pricey. A travel website offers an idea - Camp Casper.

For those who consider camping, Casper mattresses will have a camp named (Duh) Camp Casper. Beginning August 20 this will be an all-inclusive eclipse viewing experience.

Of course it comes with a $499 price tag, but includes so much that all there is to worry about is putting on glasses. How travelers get here is up to them, but the camp has free roundtrip shuttles between Denver and The Oil City.

Each camping place will have a Casper mattress, sheets, and pillows with a canvas tent. The company also provides entertainment. Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a movie screening, and flashlight tag and yoga is hosted by Outdoor Voices, the recreational outfitter.

Meals, glasses, and an "extrterrestrial" soundtrack from a live DJ all equal quite a package for those who waited too long to book. The camp already appears to be sold out at times, but tickets are on a rolling basis, so it could be worth checking.

The camp will be located near Trout On Inn of Casper.

See the terms of whole inclusive deal here.