A National Pizza Day Tribute to Wyoming’s Best Pizza Joints
Happy National Pizza Day. Observed each year on February 9th, it's a tribute to one of America's favorite foods.
According to, over 3 billion pizzas are sold in America every year. Nearly 20% of all U.S. restaurants serve pizza, including some great locally-owne…
Wyoming’s Best Hot Wings Are In…Laramie
The national travel site Thrillist published a new list this week ranking the "Best Chicken Wings in Every State".
Their choice for Wyoming's best hot wings is Lovejoy's Bar and Grill in Laramie.
Named for Elmer Lovejoy, the longtime Laramie resident credited with building the first horseles…
Laramie Athlete Featured on MTV’s ‘Catfish’ [VIDEO]
MTV's TV show 'Catfish' follows up with, and helps to provide answers to, couples who have relationships online and have never actually met. This episode follows the story of Jaylin who lives in Ohio and is supposedly in a relationship with Ja'la who lives in Laramie, Wyoming.

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