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Cheyenne’s Best Coffee?
Alright fellow coffee drinkers, I'm on a hunt for the best cup of coffee in Cheyenne. Even though I've lived here for over a year now, I still haven't ventured out to many coffee shops.
Super Weekend!
It's Super weekend! Whether you're a football fanatic or just into the Super Bowl for the snacks and commercials, roughly 2/3 of Americans will watch at least some of the game.
Deflate-Gate Punishment?
Even if your not a football fan, you've heard about deflate-gate this week. The New England Patriots were accused by the Indianapolis Colts of under-inflating their footballs in the AFC Championship. A claim that was later confirmed by NFL representatives.
What We’re Addicted To
An alarming study suggests that Americans spend 162 minutes every day looking at their cell phones. That's over three hours per day, not only using, but LOOKING at your phone according to geekwire.com.

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