Most people who are not from the Cowboy State might love to date someone from Wyoming. The website OnlyInYourState gives us a few reasons Wyomingites make great partners. See if you agree with them.

1.   Wyomingites Value Families. Try not to move a Wyomingite out of the Cowboy State. Family will still always be kept close. 

2.   Wyoming help each other out to strengthen their community. True True. Most of us know who our neighbors are, instead of being afraid of each other, we help each other. Our events like Thankful Thursdays have raised over a $1 Million in neighborly help. 

3.   If a date calls for dressing up, it may need to be made clear what dressing up  is.  You won't find many of us in a tux unless we are getting married. Even then, there are probably boots involved.

4.   And with that, we can be a cheap date. Many folks here love a nice day fishing and a night under the Wyoming stars. What's so wrong about that?

5.    Many Cowboy Stater’s would love an afternoon on the shooting range. Well, I guess they had to characterize us about our guns. It’s not really true that 8 out of 10 has a gun in Wyoming. C’mon, it’s more like 9 out of 10. (Ha! Joke!) But do keep spreading that around the country about us.

Check out the rest of their list here and let us know if they forgot anything.

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