On Father’s Day, steakhouses can be the busiest places. We thought you might like to know which steakhouse Cheyenne Dads would choose as numero uno.

It’s a category the Capitol City does pretty well – steakhouses.

No one knows steak like Dad - the expert. Ladies, let him be expert for one day.

And as in usual annual polls on Cheyenne’s best steakhouse, Father’s also agree on Rib & Chop House!  It’s almost getting old, but they’re that good, so congratulations - again.

Rib & Chop House … 28.38 Percent   

Little Bear Inn … 20.27 Percent    

T Joe's … 16.22 Percent   

Texas Roadhouse … 13.51 Percent   

Senator's at Terry Bison … 6.76 Percent   

Steamboats … 5.41 Percent   

Bunkhouse … 4.05 Percent

Outback … 2.7 Percent   

The Albany … 2.7 Percent