In a February 1868 Cheyenne Leader newspaper, it’s even more weird to see an ad for a place with an address that ended, "Cheyenne, Dakota."

“The ROLLINS HOUSE !  J.A. Rollins, Proprietor, 16th Street north side, Cheyenne, Dakota.”

In Cheyenne’s first 40 years (the first 23 as the capitol of Dakota Territory) corners of 16th Street looked nothing like they would in 1907. They may have housed some interesting businesses, with real characters of the Frontier.

After four decades, however, at Capitol Avenue and present day Lincolnway, the First National Bank Building was built as a landmark of downtown. Four decades prior to construction, Cheyenne’s population had boomed. Its economy had made it the richest city in the world.

Those good years would last into the roaring 1920s, then suddenly be gone. By the Great Depression, the First National Bank went under, and the building was renamed.

The Majestic Building was converted into all offices, as it remains to this day. It's pointed out on, "A 1907 Otis Elevator is still manually operated by our staff Monday-Friday 8a-5p ...."

Actually, when the bank first existed, already some of Cheyenne's prime office spaces were in the building. In The Cheyenne Leader, as early as November 11, 1907 attorneys advertised their locations, nice new addresses, in suites on higher floors.

Happy 150th Anniversary, Cheyenne!