Our poll results on Cheyenne’s spot for worst cell phone service got an overwhelming vote from the area known as The Pointe.  Now an old story explains why there still lies a “dead zone.”

Verizon Wireless made an attempt to fix the problem. It was just never approved because of complaints from those that live in the Pointe, themselves, so Verizon did not construct a tower.  A petition with approximately 100 names from 70 addresses, still a part of Laramie County public record show large opposition to the building of a tower. (See the document with 41 pages of files, photos, and maps here.) Many residents considered the proposed tower an eyesore.

It seems the group that was against a new tower did not understand that this would mean that they would not get a new tower at all. At first, it was just a case of, “Not in my back yard.” Later one lady essentially wrote something like, "Okay, do put it in my back yard. I don't care. Please, just do it."

When many of the exact same residents who had the “eyesore” issue got the clear signal – that there would be no phone signal - they wanted Verizon to build the 90-foot structure that they were earlier opposed to allowing.

In short, Verizon no longer extended that offer, and that was where the story ended two years ago.

It remains unclear if the people of The Pointe were aware of the proposed tower location once planned - and submitted for approval - was not in anyone’s back yard. It was in a separate electrical transmission site at 1701 E Four Mile Road.