Let's forget questioning which Cheyenne projects should be funded by 6th penny tax. We don’t throw gas on fire. Many folks don't even know what a sixth penny sales tax is so we though some might appreciate a quick definition.

So what exactly is a 6th penny tax? Fortunately, the Laramie County website has us covered.

State law allows counties, in cooperation with cities and towns, to fund specific projects through a voluntary sales tax. Counties, cities and towns pass resolutions that include proposed projects and amounts needed to complete those projects. Voters are then asked to vote on those projects. If approved by the majority of voters, a "sixth penny" sales tax is added to your purchases. When the specific amount is collected, the tax stops.

And there we have it broken down so I think even I understand. Without more detail about the process (especially about projects), they start with a resolution inside the chambers of the city council. It's too bad we can't all fit in that room, to get out all our questions, but the good news about this tax is that we can question with our vote on it. So we'll leave it at where it starts, and you'll love where it ends. That’s whenever we’ve paid for the project.

There is other tax knowledge here, including great information on the ongoing state sales tax (4 percent). Did you know that it was started in 1935. It was supposed to be just an emergency tax, until the next year it was renewed and made permanent. Oh well, at least we still never would go for a state income tax.