Why does a Wyoming interviewer ask, “What did you not like about your last job?” You know they're fishing, right? They hope that if there are questions about you doing the job, you'll answer now. Don't.

Careerconfidential.com says this question can tell the interviewer a lot more than we may think. The good news is that your answer can still be a positive one about getting this job. Just never say what you didn’t like if it is something you may encounter on this particular job. That may simply mean you ain’t getting the gig.

Even if it was a daily Bataan Death March, don’t be negative about previous workload. The employer’s first thought may be, "Then you definitely can’t handle this job."

Think of all you know about the job you’re about to get. Since your answer has to be about something you didn’t like, just make sure you know that won’t be a problem anymore. Turn what was a 180 opposite of negative turn positive for who you're talking to now.

You get the picture, but just to reinforce, HireMe101.com has examples of both good answers and wrong answers. We start with GOOD:

"It was an industry I didn't develop a passion for, and then I found an interest in your type of field.” Be specific about what you lost passion for that is unrelated to this job, so employer won’t think you’ll lose interest in their job as well.

"I was not offered any opportunities that challenged my skills. I want to be able to expand my knowledge in this field." Then add, “I’m excited about learning interesting things."

And now BAD answers:

"I didn't like the management style."  Employers may assume you'll also have trouble with their management style.

"I was given too much work."  Employer may think you can't multi-task and manage time.

In short, be careful not to sell yourself short.