From Ranchettes to Sun Valley, or Saddle Ridge, where in Cheyenne is cell coverage the worst for you?

I have a commute to downtown that takes a whopping 8 minutes. (That’s not a commute. It could be just a long walk. To me, no one in Cheyenne has a long commute.) Sunday morning I decided to check out Calvary Chapel of Cheyenne - on Ridge Road just south of Riding Club Road. I didn’t take my Bible because these days – like a lot of people – I follow along for any reference on smart phone. Real quick, I saw my service doesn’t work there. Next week, I’ll be taking the old “papyrus” – which is fine.

This is the only place I’ve found my phone doesn’t work in this entire town. I mean I didn’t feel like I was really far out of town. Actually, I'm not sure the phone won’t work in some part of the sanctuary. Should I try moving from the back row to front? Okay never mind.

We thought you might want to let us know some place your phone doesn’t work, or is at best questionable. A little poll of Southeastern Wyomingites might help.