There is a place where the best photographers in Wyoming gather to talk about what they have seen, pictures they have taken, and discuss techniques for improving their skills.

Wyoming Through The Lens is a FaceBook page the provides a forum for those talented people who see our great landscape in their own unique ways.

These are the folks who get up before dawn to catch a morning mountain sunrise. They stay up all night to catch the Milky Way. over Devil's Tower.

No political or social discussion is allowed. This is a place for beauty, art, landscape, wildlife, and people.

WHOA Big Fella, Photo By Tim From Tampa

If you have lived or even just traveled this state you know how amazingly beautiful it can be. But you've probably never seen it like this. Each member of the community offers the view in a way you have never imagined. They are proud Wyomingites and love to show it off.

Wyoming Gold, Photo By Tim From Tampa

If you have files filled with photos you would love to share Wyoming Through The Lens would love to have you has a member. Don't feel embarrassed if your pictures are not up to the talent you will find there. They will help you grow as an artist.