As a Colorado native who fell in love with a Cheyenne girl and UW grad, I can vouch for this one.  The real estate site Movoto recently published an article titled "16 Things You Need to Know About Dating Someone From Wyoming".

The benefits of dating a Wyomingite range from the obvious (chicks dig Cowboys), to the practical (Wyoming has low rates for car insurance, higher life expectancy and one of the highest rates of happiness in the country) , to the ridiculous (Wyomingites will hold you down when it gets too windy).

Here's a few of my favorites:

With our expert marksmanship and knowledge of firearms, A Wyomingite will be equipped to take care of his lady in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

With our proximity to camping, hiking and the mountains, a Wyomingite will never turn down an adventure.

A Wyomingite will also help you shovel snow (unless they work for the City of Cheyenne).

With our access to elk, bison and other exotic meats, Wyomingites are the masters of the grill.

Check out the full list of benefits to dating a Wyoming native here.