Approaching July 4th,’s Most Patriotic States ranks Wyoming the third most ‘Murcan in ‘Murca. That’s right, the Cowboy State is behind only Virginia #1 and Alaska #2.

Wyoming is Top 10 among states with the most Veterans per 1,000 Civilian Adult Population and sixth for volunteer hours per resident. Wallhub says that patriotism comes in many forms, besides shooting off fireworks. 13 key factors were used.

Another factor was Civics Education. Other states have removed mandatory schooling on American History and Government. Many feel that's a crime. Whether or not it's by default, Wyomingites might be thrilled to be #1 in civics class requirements.

Source: WalletHub

If you clicked around the map for how Wyoming border states rank, you noticed Colorado is to be congratulated as the fifth, and Idaho eighth, most patriotic.