Would you say #33 is just below mediocre among the 50 safest states? That’s Wyoming’s rank, and it gets worse in a few other categories. WalletHub used 5 major safety indicators.

The Cowboy State tied at #49 with North Dakota (share the last place) for the highest rate of fatal occupational injuries.

Our road safety rank is #39. For the state with the least population, Wyoming sees a high average 183 crashes per year related to flying road debris. That is said to be due to unsecured cargo. Make sure you tie that stuff down. (Tips for doing so are here.) There are fines for items falling out of a vehicle, and in Wyoming, they just went up.

Here are the Top and Bottom 5 in safety overall:

  • 1.  Vermont
  • 2.  Maine
  • 3.  Massachusetts
  • 4.  Minnesota
  • 5.  New Hampshire\
  • 46.  Missouri
  • 47.  South Carolina
  • 48.  Oklahoma
  • 49.  Louisiana
  • 50.  Mississippi

Don’t feel too bad about #33 overall because our neighbors Montana and South Dakota ranked in the 40s, Idaho and Colorado are in the 20s but Utah ranked a respectable #9.