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If you’re single in Wyoming, you may prefer to have a Valentine to help celebrate on the 14th, but we all know how you feel. Don’t worry about it. Really, just don’t worry about it.

First of all, this year Valentine's Day doesn’t fall on a weekend, when you might really want a date. What do you normally do Tuesday nights? Just do that, and don’t worry about it.

Of course, no one can be told not to worry. And even if you're really not looking for a relationship, it may still be fun to see Wyoming’s ratio of men per 100 women, listed by county.  About 109 million Americans, or 45 percent of the adult population, are single, and it just so happens, of Wyoming’s whole 579,679, we fall right in line with 45 percent who are not married. Anyway, that was all tabulated in 2015, so we can add Stefani/Rossdale, Garner/Affleck, and, of course, Shetlon/Lambert.

If it’s been a while since a break up, be thankful for that. It could be worse, like the year I got dumped on Feb 4. By the way, if you just broke up, there’s an Android app for that. I bet it says, "Don't worry about it."

Of course, neither Mister Shelton nor Gwen Stefani were even thinking about a new relationship when their’s just happened. And see, that’s the way it goes. It just happens - as if we have no control over when. We worry too much. Take some deep breaths, and don’t worry about it.

To guys I’ll recommend that if you’re looking at dating sites, look at the profiles describing who you think you might really like, and then look at their pictures last.

I won’t even try to give advice to women, except to both men and women who just can’t trust the other half of the human race, it might help to read what love actually is. It “Always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.”

One more thing that's also in my book: Pray about it, but “Don’t worry” about it.