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After taking a quick jab at the "scenery" in New Jersey, I got an email from a Wyomingite transplanted from there. After insinuating it's not the most attractive state, I apologized and he had a good sense of humor about it.

So let's link into the best photos I could find from both Wyoming and New Jersey to compare. And I won't even use any pics of Yellowstone.

Jersey isn’t less attractive. It just has a different kind of beauty all its own. And that is not sarcasm - unless you can hear a New Yorker saying it. They don’t call it the Garden State for nothing. 

Oh well, here I go, with one Yellowstone tied behind my back.

Actually, you really can see great scenes from New Jersey if you click into OnlyInYourState.com. And there are scenes of Wyoming captured by OnlyInYourState as well. WEW! I’ll let you be the judge. HA! This is fun, isn’t it?

There’s a list compiled by nj.com with the most beautiful spot in each of their 21 counties. One of their claims is that some counties are so full of great places it was tough to pick just one. There’s also their honesty about some other New Jersey counties, “Their beauty is, shall we say, not easily captured in a photo.” Well, that was nice and kind.

The website of NJ also admitted, “Union County is like no other in the state, with fewer places that can be described as beautiful.” That county's photo is of a brick pizza oven at a place called Santillo’s.

I would not make up a story like that. "THAT'S WY!"