This series has saluted those who really are making a difference in fields once considered “unconventional" for women. That's just not so much a thing anymore in Wyoming.

In Part One, Gillette’s Cassidy Kruse said about being on a rodeo circuit, “Guys don’t always understand that women can do this sport.” For many of us in Wyoming, though, it’s those guys we don’t understand.

Perceptions about women who choose what was once considered a man’s career are getting better. Men aren't as "old boy network" anymore - until a woman comes to work with some men who still don’t know how to react.

In an article titled 9 Male Dominated Jobs Where Women Are Crushing Itone of those jobs is in the culinary field. Who would have figured that food in general is still so male dominated? “The good news,” says, “is that many of these jobs pay exceptionally for women, and can be performed by either gender.”

Do most men really still have a problem with trailblazing women breaking down tough old doors? Maybe the answer is still far too affirmative.

I think more men aren’t feeling they still need their careers to be so male dominated. Many professions still just work that way, and I believe more men won't so "fear"  women opening tough old doors that won’t be so rigid in times not far from now.

A whole new world of young people already don’t see such gender difference, and soon really will be working together on the same teams. It’s clear that’s already happening in Wyoming, thanks largely to strong Cowgirls of the Cowboy State.

Right here in Wyoming, these really are awesome women: