People characterize the Cowboy State, but we don’t all ride horses to work, and we don’t all sound the same. The dude in the above pic may be a rancher, but before saying, "Yee Haw," he might not sound any more "western" than most Wyomingites do not.

A while back we took a Wyoming Slang Test on this site. That was fun, but it was just about the use of certain words - more slang than twang. Of course, cowboys are in all western states, not just Wyoming.

There are degrees of differences in dialects around the U.S. We may refer to an accent in Wyoming, but do we ever really call it a drawl? You know how that sounds – not so like much us.

live chat about Wyoming's accent had as many descriptions of how the citizens don’t sound than how we do, “We speak Midwestern American English.” One woman from the northwest who has lived here for years said that no one has ever pronounced the name of her state with an r, “Warshington.”

Younger generations everywhere seem to speak with sharper consonants, and better grammar. Maybe that is partly due to easier global communication, which started long before the internet.

Maybe most Wyomingites would agree that is the rule, but if you have an exception, please do punch the quote icon below for our comment section. And by the way, Gros Ventre (Grow-vont) doesn’t count. The French may still know better how to pronounce that than we do.