Janet Koelling, ThinkStock
For those who drink at times, Cheyenne Frontier Days is one of those times. For drinking men and women who both know how to man up, these tips may not be necessary, but they might make us smile.
1. It's hotter than you think, so hydrate! That's only with water, of course.
2. Text yourself the address where you're staying, to give the cabby later.
3. It's time for the cab when anyone in your party says, "It's 2 o'clock in the breakfast. How about some morning?"
4. If bar hopping downtown, watch for post-parade horse grenades, especially if wobbly.
5. A great place to watch a morning parade is The Crown Bar on Carey at Lincolnway. They open early on parade days.
6. If you've been to a downtown Cheyenne bar anytime, it gets much crazier than usual during Cheyenne Frontier Days. Expect to see at least one fight. Be phone-cam ready.
7. This is another time to use the buddy system.
8. There are also times Rocky Mountain Oysters aren't so bad.
9. Sorry, what were we talking about?
10. You may drink more than normal, so plan not to drive. The unofficial slogan of Cheyenne Police, "You'll come on vacation. You'll leave on probation."  (Quick thanks for all the Cheyenne Police Department for Cheyenne Frontier Days.)
For the next day, Cheyenne has great hangover food.