There are times when you're stuck at home and just need a good show to binge-watch. Here's some suggestions that you can choose from.

In light of recent events in the world, 'social distancing' has become one more reason why you may find yourself couped up at home needing that next great show to keep you watching episode-after-episode, or maybe a few shows for that matter. You may not even know which streaming platform to search through. To save you some time, I threw together a list of shows that have been my go-to watches when I've needed to stay in. In no particular order, here are those suggestions...


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    Stranger Things

    This one might be the most obvious suggestion. It's one of the most popular shows on any streaming network. The story focuses on some 'strange things' for lack of a better word happening to a town in Hawkins, IN in the early-mid 1980s. An unusual protagonist shows up and leads a fantastic cast against the evil that lurks within the town. The character development within the story is just as important as the action and those are all reasons why it's most certainly one of the best shows on Netflix right now. It's threes seasons in and has improved in each moving forward.

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    Honestly, I only started watching this show because I knew Jason Bateman was in it, and he's usually fantastic in anything whether it's a comedy or drama, and he certainly brings his best in Ozark. He plays a financial planner who relocates his family from Chicago to the Ozarks after he's forced to work for the Mexican drug cartel in order to launder money for them. As someone who has been to the Ozarks, the setting of this show is relatively accurate, which makes for the perfect backdrop as Marty Byrd (Bateman) tries to find ways to ensure the safety of his family while successfully helping the cartel without getting found out by the authorities. Actress Julia Garner is also a scene-stealer throughout the episodes as well. The show has had two seasons on Netflix and a third is set to drop on March 27th.

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    Jack Ryan

    You may be familiar with Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. You've seen him on the big screen be played by Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine, but John Krasinski brings added depth to the origins of the character. You may know Krasinski best for playing Jim Halpert in 'The Office', but this is the actor at a whole new level. His charisma helps carry the show and ongoing development of the character throughout the two seasons of the show as each season is a new 'save the world' type of mission. Going in, I wasn't sure how this would be, but it certainly has impressed so far. The show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    You may have seen Rachel Brosnahan show up in select episodes of Netflix's 'House of Cards' before her starring role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Brosnahan plays Miriam 'Midge' Maisel in late 1950s New York who seems to have the perfect married life until she finds her husband cheating on her. She then proceeds to go to a bar, have some drinks, and ends up on stage at a comedy club at an open mic night and becomes an up-and-coming star. That's just the first episode, but it certainly sets the tone for everything to follow and each episode leaves you wanting more. The show is three seasons deep right now as it just released its third this past December. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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    What We Do In the Shadows

    This hilarious show follows three vampires living in present-time Long Island in New York City. I say that as if that's a normal thing. The vampires are living out their lives as viewed through a documentary style, kind of like what you saw with 'The Office'. But the vampires, who don't live anything like present-time society, have their fair share of run-ins with how to live their everyday lives from night-to-night (they sleep in their coffins during the day). They also do normal vampire stuff, like eat people, drink blood, turn into bats, and can't be exposed to sunlight. They can also fly too. It makes for more humorous situations than not. There's also several notable celebrity cameos that add on to each episode's plot. So far, the show only has one season, which is on Hulu, but the new season on FX begins April 15th, which means each new episode will be available on Hulu the day after it airs.

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    Phoebe Waller-Bridge stars, writes, and is the creator of 'Fleabag'. She plays the title character as a grief-stricken woman living in London while shutting out anyone that seems to offer her assistance at any and all costs. Her character also has a tendency to break the fourth wall. That's right, she talks to the camera, in mid-sentence, at times, Deadpool style. Because of the success of her writing within the show, she was also asked by Daniel Craig personally to be a co-writer of the new (delayed) James Bond film, 'No Time to Die'. So you know this has to be good. And it is. Honestly, this is most recently my newest obsession and I'm about halfway through Season 1, but so far, so great. The show is just two seasons at this point and is streaming on Amazon.

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    Bojack Horseman

    Yes, it's animated. But at the same time, it is certainly one of the most hilarious shows on Netflix. The dark comedy follows a Bojack, a former teen actor, who has since turned to alcohol (some drugs), and is struggling in his acting career to get back to where he was, once up a time in his younger years, while most certainly doing some soul searching. Oh yea, and he's a horse. The Bojack universe is made up of animals and humans co-existing in the celebrity world. Will Arnett voices Bojack while Amy Sedaris, Allison Brie, and Aaron Paul also each play huge roles on the show and in the life of the title character, Bojack. There's also several guest celebrity voices as well. As I mentioned, this is dark comedy, so some episodes may leave you more depressed than not, but you'll definitely get a great laugh. The sixth and final season was recently released on Netflix.

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    The Morning Show

    This drama was one of the first to showcase (similar) events that transpired during #MeToo movement. Alex (Jennifer Anniston) and Mitch (Steve Carell) have the biggest morning show in America until sexual harassment allegations come to light against Mitch (whose character seems like it may be a little like Matt Lauer). The network then has to scramble to find a new go-getter host and finds Bradley (Reese Witherspoon). From there, the show takes off and shows real life issues dealt with from the standpoint of these characters' lives. The show features a cast that includes Billy Crudup and Mark Duplass, who are both fantastic in key roles. It's tough not to watch the next episode after finishing one. The show is only one season to this point and is streaming on Apple TV.

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    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    As someone who grew up loving 'Seinfeld', the show stars the co-creator of that show, Larry David. He plays himself to the point where you can't tell if it's an exaggeration of himself, or if that's actually how he is. The entire show focuses on his role in the world of celebrities and is almost completely improvisation. Regardless, it's brilliant and makes for the most humorous situations you can imagine. If you've ever watch Seinfeld, you'll love 'Curb'. The show is 10 seasons long, but still in season 10. I stream this on HBO Now and I would pay for the subscription even if that's the only show on HBO that I would watch.

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    Black Mirror

    With recent events that have happened, it almost feels like we're currently living in an episode of 'Black Mirror'. The show began airing on the BBC Network, but now all new episodes premiere on Netflix. The show has bizarre ways of showing futuristic dilemmas that can comeback to haunt mankind. And it's all done anthology style. There's never recurring characters in 'Black Mirror', which makes each episode that much more intriguing. There's been several notable starring roles from A-list celebrities including Jon Hamm, Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Mackenzie Davis, among others. Each episode leaves you wanting more despite wrapping up a conclusion and the mystery of it is the most intriguing part. There are currently five seasons of Black Mirror and they're all streaming on Netflix.