On March 1, 1872, the area known as "Yellowstone" was officially named our first protected, scenic landscape - a National Park. This date only approaches the season opening, for many who’ll see the sites for the first time.

Of all of the websites that have captured history that we only have in black & white, enter the Daily Mail, from the U.K. As obsessed as they can be about all things American, they nailed the Yellowstone tourist. They don't seemed to know, however, our own term for the visitors. Were there "tourons”? Oh yes, and they could be a lot worse over a hundred years  ago.

The Daily Mail does refer to those who, "Feed the bears," or "Reached out to, 'Ride the geysers.'" Good on them for mentioning what was outlawed decades ago, but people still don't seem to know and still try to pet the wildlife.