Before I get any feedback - I love Cheyenne, and I particularly love downtown Cheyenne.

But, in my humble opinion, there are a few places downtown could improve.

  1. PARKING - Trying to find a spot in downtown Cheyenne during CFD, a parade, or on a busy Saturday night is a nightmare. It would be awesome if we could get just one more parking garage or maybe open up some lots to public parking.
  2. NO RETAIL STORES - A woman visiting from Wisconsin stopped me in downtown Cheyenne and asked if she could find a Walgreens or CVS nearby. "Well, the nearest one is a few miles away," I said with a little embarrassed.
  3. "THE HOLE" - I know, I know it's transitioning to the Children's Museum [Editor's note: There has been a recent land donation to the Children's Museum potentially leaving "the hole" vacant again]. But please, hurry! The new banner helps, but it's still an eyesore.
  4. MORE RESTAURANTS! - The places we have to eat downtown are amazing! But, there aren't as many options as we used to have. With Cheyenne Brewing Company and Mitchell's BBQ going out of business, we're due at least a couple more. PS - Try the Suite Bistro on Central Ave if you haven't yet!
  5. GAS IS HARD TO COME BY - Every day I commute to and from downtown, and every day I see a tourist who has exited off of N. Greeley Highway looking for a gas station. There are only two options relatively close to downtown and they aren't easy to get to.

Let us know if you agree/disagree, or have any other ideas for downtown Cheyenne!